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Play Sudoku online +++ 2009-06-04 +++

15 brand new Sudoku puzzles each day: five levels of difficulty - three different puzzles per level.
Play Sudoku online now: go to Sudoku Classic


Encrypting E-Mail Addresses +++ 2009-05-28 +++

Protect your e-mail address and prevent spam by avoiding spam bots and e-mail address harvesters.
Use this helpful online tool to encode your e-mail address: Email Address Encrypter

Update +++ 2009-04-03 +++

Clouds and Trees: yet another beautiful website template!
Download link and demo page can be found here: Clouds and Trees

Update +++ 2009-03-06 +++

Website Templates Section is growing fast: new business template has been added: "Steel Mirror"
Get more info about this professional looking web site template: Steel Mirror

Update +++ 2009-03-02 +++

New website template: "Dices and Pins". Check it out, it's free ..
Read more about this template: Dices and Pins

Update +++ 2009-02-07 +++

Another nice template has been added to the Web Templates section: "Coins and Glass".
Download link and demo page can be found here: Coins and Glass

Update +++ 2008-12-17 +++

Another new category - Web Templates - has been created to offer you great web site templates.
Have a look on our first free web template: Rusty Metal


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